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Danielson, Richard

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Vol 1
Laxey, IoM: by Author printed by Nelson Press Douglas 1987 0-9513155-0-1
pp30 pbk illus



Danielson, Richard. and Hendy, John

Faithfully yours, Manxman
Prescot Stephenson 1983 0-901314-23-4
77p ill facsims,1 plan,ports 15x21cm pbk

  387.2/34    B85-11344

The Manxman story
Prescot Stephenson 1983 0-901314-22-6
30p ill 15x21cm pbk 15x21cm
The Manxman story is an extract from the author's book Faithfully yours, Manxman'.

  387.2/34    B85-11343


Darcie, Abraham

Theatre de la glore et nobles d'Albon. Des comtes & comtesses de Derby, roys & roynes de l'sle de Man
London: 1626



Daugherty, Michael. / Killip, Margaret

Mona my love, and other Manx poems / by Michael Daugherty ;with The Isle of Man, its literature and language / by Margaret Killip ; edited and with an introduction by Konrad Hopkins and Ronald van Roekel ; cover illustration by Craig Maclachlan Contemporary poets series vol.4
Paisley 12 Townhead Terrace, Paisley, Renfrewshire PA1 2AX Wilfion Books 1979 0-905075-05-6
[4],iii,57p 22cm sd
Contempory poets series vol 4 - 'The Isle of Man Millenium 1979' cover

  821.914    B80-21006


Davey, P. (ed)

Man and Environment in the Isle of Man (conf)
Oxford:British Archeological Reports, 54 1978 0-86054-034-0

F68  301.31094279    B79-26968


Davies, A.S. (Arthur Stanley)

In search of the Ancient Heritage. A Linguistic pilgrimage to the Isle of Man
Iverheath Bucks: the author 1948
pp19 illus pbk

  942.79  010390.ff.8  

The "Mheillea" and its Meaning. A note on the harvest in olden times in the Isle of Man and other Celtic countries [with a list of the writings of George Quarrie]
Iverheath Bucks: the author 1949

  398.21094279  4507.d.18  


Davison, Geoffrey Spence

Geoff Davison's T.T. Anecdotes: racing tales by the man who rode in, or reported, over 100 T.T. races
Birmingham: Molly Davison 1966
p112 illus pbk

  796.75094279  X.449/2028.  B66-14863

T.T. tales and other stories: a collection of stories and articles by over sixty famous riders of the past and present
Birmingham: TT Special 1950
160p illus table

  796.75094279    B50-9936

The 1951 T.T. who's who: brief biographies of over 120 T.T. riders of the present day
Birmingham: TT Special 1950
64p illus (ports) 20cm

  796.75094279  10804.n.6  B51-161

The racing game: a collection of articles and stories by riders of the past and present, including thirty contributions by winners of the Tourist Trophy and Manx Grand Prix races; with outside painting and interior decorations by Jack Ketton
Birmingham: TT Special 1955
144p illus 19cm

  796.75094279    B56-156

The story of the Manx. A companion volume to the story of the TT
Birmingham: TT Special 1948
136p 19cm

  796.75094279  7917.de.95  A49-20504

The story of the Manx.
Birmingham: TT Special 1953 4th
216p 19cm

  796.75094279  7921.dd.82  B54-192

Birmingham: TT Special 1954 4th enlarged
160p 19cm
prev ed 1950

  796.75094279    B54-192

The story of the T.T.: a book for motor cyclists and all others who believe that motor cycle racing is the finest sport on earth.
Birmingham: TT Special 1947
135p front illus map tables 19cm

  796.75094279  7919.aa.46  

Birmingham: TT Special 1948 2nd Enlarged
pp.160 front illus map tables
Birmingham: TT Special 1949 3rd enlarged
192p front illus map tables 19cm

  796.75094279  7919.de.72  

Birmingham: TT Special 1950 4th enlarged
192p front illus map tables 19cm

  796.75094279    B50-1254

Birmingham: TT Special 1951 5th enlarged
216p front illus map tables 19cm

  796.75094279    B51-14208

The story of the T.T.... (Supplementary pages to 5th ed)
Birmingham: TT Special 1952 [6th]
p217-240 19cm

  796.75094279  7920.aaa.78  

The T.T. Races - behind the scenes
Birmingham: T.T. Special 1949



Deane, Charles

Isle of Man T.T.
Cambridge: Stevens 1975 0-85059-172-4

  796.75094279  X.620/15039.  B75-18395


Demsey, William S.

The story of the Catholic Church in the Isle of Man
Billinge (Wigan):Birchly Hall Press 1958
186p photos

  282.4279    B59-5251


Dendy, Walter Cooper

The Beautiful Islets of Britain. Islets South of Clyde
London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts 1857

Past president of the medical society of London...

F65  914.2'04'85  MM F65/70  

The Beautiful Islets...re-issue with additions
London: Bickers and Bush, Leicester Squre. 1860 1860

F65  914.2'04'85  MM F65/70a  


Dixon, Alan

T.T. Races: A supplement to 'History of the T.T. Races 1907-60'
London: Shell Mex 1965

  796.75094279    B66-16496

The T.T. Riders
London: S. Paul 1967
184p 16plates etc

  796.75094279    B67-11643


Dixon, J. Arthur

The Isle of Man: a handbook for visitors
Newport(IoW):Dixon, 1961

  914.279    B61-8386


Dixon-Scott, J.

Beauty of the Isle of Man; camera pictures (Homeland Il. series)



Douglas Corporation

History and description of the Coporation's waterworks
Douglas: 1958
ref in Industrial Arch of the IoM



Douglas, (Constance) Mona

A Dhooragh
Douglas: Clucas & Fargher, Herald Office,1919,

Christian tradition in Mannin
Douglas: Times P. ltd 1965
88p 14plates Pbk

  274.279    B70-03307

Four Manx Plays
Douglas: The Manx Soc. 1921
pp628 20x163

J 64      

Island Magic
Douglas: Victoria Press,1956,

Island Saga
:William Maclellan ?1950

Island Spirit
? 1937

Islanders. For N. as a help to the understanding of my people Illustrations by Eric Austwick
Douglas: Brown & Sons Ltd ?1948
pp.80 pbk


Manx Electric Railway. Descriptive booklet on coast and mountain electric railways [with illustrations]
Gloucester: British publishing Co. [1938]
pp52 illus

  385.4  10353.a.56  

Gloucester: British publishing Co. [1950]
pp39 illus

  385.4  010368.m.26  

Gloucester: British publishing Co. [1951]
pp35 illus

  385.4  010368.k.159  

Manx Song and Maiden Song...with an introduction by Gertrude Ford

J8    11655.aaa.27/1  

London: John Lang 1917

J8    011648.ee.62  

Rallying, song a sequel to 'Song of Mannin'
Peel Mansk / Svenska Publishing Company 1981
244p 20cm

The Secret Island. Poems and Plays in Verse
Douglas: Victoria Press Limited 1943

They lived in Ellan Vannin :Reprinted from the 'Isle of man Times'
Douglas: Times Press 1968
126p.,ill., 22cm

  942.79    B68-21544

This is Ellan Vannin
Douglas: Times P. 1965
134p pbk

  914.279  X.800/587  B65-6713

This is Ellan Vannin again: folklore...
Douglas:Times P. ltd 1966
86p pbk 22cm

  398.2'79    B70-03421


Douglas, Mona ed Stephen Miller

Manx folk-song, folk dalnce, folklore: collected writings Mona Douglas
Onchan: Chiollagh c1994 1-89861-305-2
ii,54p spiral, biblio 30cm

  398.2094279    B94-60462


[Douglas, Joseph E.]

John Millar Nicholson, 1840-1913
Douglas: Victoria Press 1931
pp94 illus, port 208x140

C18  920.2    


Douglas, Joseph E. (Edward)

Castle Rushen / this account of Castle Rushen was compiled for official use by Joseph E. Douglas ; illustrations are from drawings made by E.C. Quayle.
Douglas : Brown & Sons, 1925 1935; 1946
28 p., [3] leaves of plates : ill. ; 180x123

F7  914.279  NLS H4.86.975   


Down, C.G. and Smith, D.H.

Polar Bear and the Groudle Glen Railway
:Brockham Museum Association 1977


Draper, P. (Peter)

The House of Stanley: including the Sieges of Lathom House with notices of Relative and Co-temporary Incidents...
Ormskirk: 1864

F69  923.14279  9917.dd.//.  


Drower, Jill

Good clean fun: the story of Britain's first holiday camp
London: Arcadia Books c1982 0-9508344-0-8
pp63 ilus 30cm

  647.944279    B83-26411



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