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Airne, Clement Wallace

The Story of the Isle of Man...
Drawings by J.A.Kendrick and M.C.Williams. Photographs by M.Hannah etc

Southport:p.p. C. W. Airne 1949

942.79  X.0809/30.  

The story of the Isle of Man. Vol 2:1406-modern times;
drawings by D.M.Harrision and M.Ost, photographs by M.Hannah

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1964
81-187p illus pbk

942.79    B65-488


Allardyce, Keith

At Scotland's edge: a celebration of two hundred years of the lighthouse service in Scotland and the Isle of Man
Glasgow: Collins 1986 0-00-435660-8
p159 map facs illus ports 27cm


387.1'55'09411    B87-54320


Allen, David Elliston

The flowering plants and ferns of the Isle of Man
Douglas: Manx Museum 1969 0-901106-04-6



582.13'279    B70-14117


Allen, David Elliston & Garrad, Larch Sylvia & Deverau, Marjorie

Flora of the Isle of Man
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1984 0-901106-23-2



Arnold, Peter ed.

T.T. Races: diamond jubilee 1907-67
London: Shell Mex (BP retail Division) 1967
192p pbk 20.5cm

796.75094279    B67-12541


Ashley, A.

The Church in the Isle of Man
York:St Anthony's Press 1958

274.28901    B58-8988


Aspen, Thomas

Historical Sketches of the House of Stanley and Biography of Edward Geoffrey 14th Earl of Derby.
Comprising numerous brilliant Advantures, Thrilling Incidents and Interesting Sketches and Debates. With Portraits and Fac-Similes of the Autograph of the Fourteenth and the Fifteenth Earls.

Preston: the Author "Herald Office" 1873


Preston: the Author "Herald Office" 1877 2nd (Cabinet)
vi pp112 Lvi (appendix)

F69  923.14279    


Backwell, M.J.

King William's College Isle of Man Centenary Notes and Pictures
Castletown: M. J. Backwell (printed Waterlow London) 1933
pp.39 illus ports 255x205




Bagley, John Joseph

The Earls of Derby, 1485-1985
London: Sidgwick & Jackson 1985 0-283-99152-6
xi,257pp,[16]plates,ill,biblio 24cm


929.7'2    B85-32615


Barnes, Edward and Smith, Dorothy

'Blue Peter' special assignment, Isle of Skye, Isle of Man,Isle of Wight
with full colour photographs [by Calum Neish et al.] and with line drawings by Tony Morris

London British Broadcasting Corporation 1975 0-563-12841
95p,[8]p of plates ill(some col) maps, col ports 20cm pbk


F65  914.22804857    B75-10898


Basnett, Stan, 1938-

Hidden Places of Mann : The RailTrail series
Hawes : Leading Edge, c1993 c1993
111p pbk


Mann ablaze - A history of the Isle of Man Fire Brigade
Hawes : Leading Edge in association with the Fire Brigade Society, 1992 

[96]p ill pbk 19cm



Basnett, Stan 1938- and Freke, David, 1946- ; edited by Stan Abbott.

Isle of Man by Tram, Train and Foot : The RailTrail series
Hawes : Leading Edge 1990 0-948135-14-X
128p ill ,bib,maps pbk 21cm


Hawes : Leading Edge 1992 New ed 0-948135-42-5
111p ill.(some col.),bib ... pbk 21cm

914.27904859    B93-46725


Bennet, William (of Wester Duddingston, Edinburgh)

Sketches of the Isle of Man. By a Tourist
London: Simpkins & Marshall 1829
pp xii,130 150x90




Bersu, G. (Gerhard) and Wilson, D.M. (David McKenzie)

Three viking graves in the Isle of Man.
The Society for Mediaeval Archaeology Monograph Series No. 1.

London: Society for Medieval Archeology 1966

xiv 100

913.79    B66-20163


Bersu, Gerhard. (ed C.A.Ralegh Radford)

Three Iron Age round houses in the Isle of Man
Douglas: The Manx Museum 1977

96p, [7]p of plates, ill maps 31cm

936.279    B78-37366


Betjeman, John, Sir (ed.)

Collins guide to English parish churches, including the Isle of Man vol2 North
London:Collins 1958

only 4pages on IoM pp - vol 2 (North)

726.540942    B58-16182


Birch, Jack William

The Isle of Man: A Study in Economic Geography
Cambridge: University Press [Publication of University of Bristol] 1964

F68  330.279  Ac.2676/5.(3.)  B64-5726


Blackburn, C.J.

How the Manx Fleet helped in the Great War:
the story of the I.M.S.P.Co.'s Boats on Service

Douglas: L. G. Meyer 1923
pp64 illus 180x120



Blanchard, E.L. (Edward Litt Laman)

Adam's Descriptive Guide to the Watering Places of England & Complete Companion to the Coast
London: W.J.Adams 1851 [2nd ?]

pp.vii,271 + [17 adverts]; Maps

Cubbon quotes 1848,2nd ed 1849 + 3rd 1859 2pt 1170.f.29
pp253/271 + Map + view of Peel Castle

F67    10347.aa.15  

Adam's Descriptive Guide to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Wight, and the Isle of Man...
with Maps...new and enlarged edition

London: W. J. Adams 1859




Booth, David and Perrott, David

The Shell Book of the Islands of Britain
Londoon: Guideway Windward 1981 0-7112-0087-4
IoM pp 156-161




Bore, Henry

Roundabout Rambles in the Isle of Man
Birmingham: Stone & Wood 1883

pp.36 illus 180x115




Boumphrey, Geoffrey [Maxwell] ed

Lancashire and the Isle of Man (Shilling guide)
London: Shell Mex 1964
pp545/560 Maps Illus

914.272    B64-20892


Boyd J.C. (James Ian Craig), 1920-

On the Isle of Man Narrow Gauge
Truro: Barton 1978 0-85153-363-9
96p ill,facsims, maps, plans ports 23cm

385.52094279    B80-04743

The Isle of Man Railway.
Blandford Dorset: The Oakwood Press 1962


Blandford Dorset: The Oakwood Press 1967 2nd
[6]215pp48plates ill,maps,ports 22cm


Blandford Dorset: The Oakwood Press 1973 3rd 0-85361-133-5


Blandford Dorset: The Oakwood Press 1977 4th

B22  385.5'094279    

The Isle of Man Railway Vol 1 ..[pre 1873to1904]
Oxford: The Oakwood Press 1993 0-85361-444-X
262 ill facs maps plans ports 22cmm

The Isle of Man Railway. Vol. 2, An outline history of theIsle of Man Railway including the Manx Northern Railway andthe Foxdale Railway (1905-1994)
Oxford : The Oakwood Press 1994 0-85361-469-5
256p,[64]p of plates ill facsims,maps,plans,ports 22cm


385.5'094279    B95-07960


Brennan, Vincent

Footpath Gude to the Isle of Man [Footpath Guides noo. 36]
:St Catherine's Press 1947



Brierley, Ben (Benjamin)

Ab-o'th'-Yate at the Isle of Man. From his own goosequill. Reprinted from Ben Brierley's Journal
Manchester: John Heywood [c1870]
pp39 167x100

F65    1234.f.21.(3.)  


Britton, John and Brayley, EdwardWedlake

The Beauties of England and Wales;
or, Delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, of each county (18 vol)

London: Vernor, Hood & Sharpe etc 1801

Isle of Man : vol iii pp248-290

F65    294.i 2-k 7.  


Broderick, George

Chronicles of the Kings of Man and the Isles
Celtic League (Mannin Branch) 1988
13p pbk

942.7902    B91-62023


Broderick, George (transcribed + intro)

Cronica regum Mannie & Insularum Chronicles of the kings of Man and the Isles; BL Cotton Julius Avii; transcribed and translated with an introduction by...
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1979

941.1'402    B81-26125


Brooke, Michael.

The Manx shearwater ; illustrated by Dafila Scott.
London : T. & A.D. Poyser c1990 0-85661-057-7

598.42    B91-48105

[no real Manx connection except for name]


Brooks, John Attwood

The Isle of Man [with illustrations and a map]
[Douglas: ]Ranscombe Photographics [Cotman Color Books] [1965]

942.79  W.P.12025/65  


Broome, Dora [pseud of Wild, Dora Mary]

Fairy Tales from the Isle of Man [with illustrations by Jon Harwood]
Harmansworth: Penguin 1951

823.91J  W.P.13534/59  B51-3543


Brown, E. Margaret

Gone like a puff
Douglas: Manx Experience c1991 1-87312-003-6
165p pbk

942.79082092    B94-44200


Brown, J.

Harbours of the Isle of Man
Douglas: The Dock and Harbour Authority 1939



Brown, Prof

Observations on the Cattle Plague in Ireland and the Cattle Disease in the Isle of Man
London: ?1830

B 22      


Brown & Sons

Brown's Popular Guide to the Isle of Man
Douglas:Brown & Sons Ltd [1927]
[4]pp384 illus + map

price 1/6

F67  914.279    


Brown, Thomas (of Shifnal)

Brown's Dissertation about the Mona of Ceasar and Tacitus
London: 1702



Bruce, J.R.,Colman, J.S. & Jones, N.S.

Marine Fauna of the Isle of Man and its surrounding seas
Liverpool: Liverpool UP 1963 2nd

x1,307p maps + bib

prev H.B.Moore 1937

591.52td279    B63-20282


Bullock, Hannah Anne

History of the Isle of Man...containing also biographical anecdotes of eminent persons connected with that island [with a plate and a map]
London: Longman & Co. 1816
pp.xl.436 Map 8vo


F64  942.79  10369.dd.4  


Burkill, J.

The Pictorial Beauties of Mona. A selection of drawings from the Romantic Scenery of the Isle of Man by J.Burkill Esqre Author of Bolton Illustrated...
dedicated by permission to the Lieutentant Governor of the Island

Douglas: J.Mylrea Duke Street 1857

views    Maps 13.f.19  


Butler, L.

A Guide to Rushen Abbey.
Douglas: Isle of Man Examiner Limited (printer). 1978

(? Lionel Butler Au. Medieval Monastaries. of G.B.) 271.00941





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