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many years ago I spent time investigating this family as I believe it to be related to my own. You already have his father, John who started as a draper was also a ship broker, and his mother, Margaret Brown who was Scottish. I am away at present and so will not try to remember any details but they were married in 1804 in Scotland. A ship part owned by John was captured in the British war with America about 1812 and John was made bankrupt and seems to have died soon after. His widow, Margaret had to earn her keep as a smallware dealer. Despite extensive search I could find no funeral for John nor bankrupsy proceedings.
His sons, James Brown Killey and William thrived. James was a commission agent and William a sea captain sailing in two ships, both called "Mary Queen of Scots". When he retired from the sea, William also became a ship owner. Further down the line was another sea captain, a solicitor and a board member of the training ship "Conway" in the Mersey.