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The 1901 census entry is written as Conill on the Ancestry index, Corrin on FMP index, and Corrill on the official 1901 website (as Len said).
Looking at the scan the first four letters are definitely Corri, followed by what looks like a large U. It is not ss.
I can see why FMP wrote "n" because Johnson and Skillicorn just above the entry end in a smaller version - u. Johnsou / Skillicoru. Also Christiaua, and Auue Kueale. CorriU could be "ll" except that other ones are written with loops. Probably Corrin.

This could be her - I suggest you buy the marriage cert.
1911 census:
Name, Relation, Condition/Yrs married, Se x, Age, BirthYear, Occupation, Where Born:
KELLY, Robert B Head Married M 34 1877 Baker And Grocer Isle of Man Peel
KELLY, Alice M Wife Married 5 years F 32 1879 Assisting In Business Isle of Man Peel
KELLY, James B Son M 4 1907 Isle of Man Peel
RG number:RG14 Piece:34740 Reference:RG14PN34740 RD635 SD3 ED20/2 SN93
Registration District:Isle of Man Sub District:
EnumerationDistrict:20/2 Parish:German (Town of Peel)
Address:10 Douglas Street Peel Isle of Man County:Isle of Man