Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Corletts of Maughold and Onchan

Several coincidences seem to indicate this is the Corlett family that my father married into. Yay and whew!!

When you mentioned elsewhere that Katie was the informant when her mother, Isabella, died in 1902, I thought I had the wrong Corlett family *again* but then I realized Katie could easily have moved to Manchester afterwards and met/married my (to-be) father. Too bad there's no records of passengers on the Isle of Man ferries...

The census records are a a bit hard to decipher sometimes but it looks like John and Isabella's children were, in order: Kate (1880), John (1881) and Ellen Jane (1884). The 1891 census has them in that order so I think John's age was 10 not 16 as children are listed according to age. Katie's marriage license and death certificate certainly would support her birthday being Jan 1, 1880.

If you do the SUBSTITUTION, you can email me at ralphATsayle.ca. I can give you a bit more information about Katie and Ellie plus copies of the certificates I have. Let's see: Katie would be your great aunt and Ellie your first cousin once removed.

John and Isabella died before their time and Katie and Ellen Jane certainly had very short lives. I hope the longevity has been corrected for future generations.

Get in touch with me and we can carry on this chatting through regular email!

Thanks for getting in touch with me so quickly.