Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Ellen Vannin- 100 years on.

At the last meeting of the Wirral Manx Society I found out that Mersey Ferries are running a Memorial sailing out to The Bar, on the 100th. Anniversary of the sinking of the Ellen Vannin. Weather permitting several of the Society will be going, if you have any family messages or relatives wishing to be remembered, please contact me at colin.shimmin3atbtinternet.com- use @. If you are going on the sailing why not meet up with us?
My Dad Philip Harris Shimmin was working on the railway down at Liverpool docks waiting for the Ellen Vannin to come in- he said he knew several folk on board. Then , of course we have joined the "Spinners" on more than one occasion to sing their version of the song that commemorates the event. Colin.