Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Urgent help before visit on Wednesday

My very short visit to IOM is fast approaching (leave on Wednesday) and I am desperately trying to get all information before my visit so I can save time. Only on the island for three days. Need information on the following:

Burial sites needed for:

Daniel Skinner Married Mary Goldsmith 17/05/1834 - one daughter Ann Skinner DOB 27/12/1845

Ann Skinner married Thomas Edward Criggal 20/10/1860 Lezayre - one daughter Jane Criggal DOB 15/01/1863 Ramsey (I know where Jane Criggal married Christian is buried.)

Thoma Edward Christian DOB 07/05/1889 DOD 16/11/1889 Lezayre

Last known address's for:

Frederick Christian DOB 18/07/1890 DOD 20/07/1951
Myra Christian DOB 24/05/1887 DOD 13/02/1955
Annie Christian DOB 11/01/1885 DOD 14/09/1962
Lena Christian DOB 1899 DOD 05/10/1969

All children of Jane Criggal and John James Clarke Christian all buried Lezayre - I have the location and inscription. None had any further relatives.

Also - information on John Criggal son of Jane Criggal and John James Christian born 27/11/1880

All help greatly appreciated.