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Hi Denise, I hope you're better now?
I've seen a few people in the Sulby area and have taken a vldeo of the Penrices Mill and shop from the outside, plus I've taped a few photo's of the mill onto the vldeo as well
My father (William Penrice Wade known as Bill) used to do vldeo editing and I've taken a vldeo clip of where he lived and also other relations including graves, housing, schools etc so that he can personalise the vldeo to his own preferences.
Item of note to Genealogists; My Mother Jean has been writing a daily diary for well over twenty years and includes everything and anything on it that has affected her in her daily life. Unfortunately, my lack of phone calls over to England has been well mentioned (so I understand) and you'll be happy to know Denise, that you're included in there as well.
Anyway, back to the well. I've found an entry reference folklore in the North which states:
The path to this well was at the back of old Sulby, opposite to the woollen. The first part was pretty steep but it became a little easier farther on. When the people got to the well, they dipped pieces of cloth in the water and bathed their eyes, walking three times around the pool, saying in Manx, "Ayns enymn yn Arr as y Vac as y Spyrrd Noo." Then they hung their bits of cloth on the bushes that surrounded the well and threw in some coins as a thank offering. The coins must have accumulated during the years: two Sulby men decided to rob the well, which they did, and both men became blind before the end of the year. An old man recounted recently that his mother knew both these men, one was a crofter and the other was a quarryman.
Neither man ever recovered their sight and although it a remarkable coincidence, to the people of that time, it was retribution for an act of sacrilege to the well which would become more sacred than ever.
The people I've talked to, do not know where this is situated and although there was one at the old school, this one seems to have disappeared?
You've got to love a mystery Denise, because I certainly do :)
Slaynt Vie, Paul