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John Kaighin s/o John Kaighin & Margaret Crellin
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Hello Philip,

I had removed the link in my database between the two families in question due to the problems raised in our email correspondence between 3/15 and 3/18 of this year. As I mention to everyone, my database always has the most current data, whereas the data on my website is often very stale. Hence the disclaimer on the front page of my site. Due to the amount of effort required, I typically only update the pages on my site when bulk changes need to be made. That said, I've updated these families, annotating the problems we've found and linking back to this discussion. See www.kaighin.com/FamilyHistory/Requests/Bride_Jurby_Ballaugh.htm.

Below is the text of the email I sent on 3/18; this issue remains unresolved:

You have brought up a discrepancy that I have noted previously in my database. You say son John was buried 3 July 1823 in Michael, yet you also say that a John was mentioned in his father's will in 1863. I do not have the John who was buried in 1823 matched up with any other family yet, so it may very well be him. If there were another son John born later, none show up in the IGI. I am inclined to believe the will, yet there is circumstantial evidence that John did not survive to adulthood:

1. The word "Child" is appended to his IGI record, indicating a possible child death.

2. Your note "See burial 1823 Jul 3" (which could stem from the same source as #1)

3. He is not with his family in the 1841 census:

IOM Kaighins in 1841 Census Index
Forename Age Est Birth M/F Civil Parish District Page Schedule
John 50 1791 M Kirk Bride 3 7 36
Margaret 40 1801 F Kirk Bride 3 7 36
Mary 20 1821 F Kirk Bride 3 7 36
Margaret 15 1826 F Kirk Bride 3 7 36
James 13 1828 M Kirk Bride 3 7 36
William 11 1830 M Kirk Bride 3 7 36
Charles 9 1832 M Kirk Bride 3 7 36
Robert 6 1835 M Kirk Bride 3 7 36

Although, by the 1841 census he would have been 19 and could have been on his own by then. If this is the case, there are two possibilities in the 1841 census:

John Kaighin, age 18, Jurby, District 3, page 9, schedule 40 (no other Kaighins residing with him)

John Kaighan, age 20, Andreas, District 4, page 9, schedule 37 (no other Kaighins residing with him)

I had previously noted that this son John could be the John Kaighin who married Margaret Christian 13 Feb 1847 in Andreas. This family (14600 in my database) I have as follows:
John Kaighin (14600) died sometime after he was mentioned in the 1867 Woods Atlas residing at Lhane Meadow, Andreas. He also resided at Intack, Ballaugh (1851 Census). His wife Margaret was the daughter of Jane Christian. Jane was 81 in the 1871 census and living at Andreas with three grandchildren, Ann J. Cowley (born Lezayre), Richard Kaighin (born Jurby) and Margaret Watterson (born Port St. Mary). This may indicate that by 1871 John had died, since Richard was residing with his grandmother.

Perhaps the 1841 census will shed more light on this John Kaighin. I don't currently have access to those census records, do you?

The children of this John Kaighin (14600) were:

William John, christened 12 May 1847, died about 1847

Anne Jane, christened 21 Apr 1848, Jurby, buried 8 Jun 1871, Jurby, married Thomas Callow 17 Nov 1865, Andreas, residences: Thie Vane, Jurby; Intack, Ballaugh (1851)

Richard, christened 10 Feb 1850, Jurby, buried 10 Feb 1873, Jurby. Residences: Ballamoar, Curragh; Intack, Part of Ballameanagh (Part of Nos. 46, and all 45) (1867); Ballagarret, Kirk Andreas (1871);

Getting back to family 11300, I have the children as follows:

Mary, chr 13 Jun 1820, Michael, died 28 Aug 1904, Ballaquark, Bride, married Daniel Joughin

John, chr 30 Nov 1822, Ballaugh (see above)

Margaret, chr 2 Feb 1825, Michael, died 29 Mar 1897, Ballacrebbin, Andreas, married John Joughin

James Crellin, chr 8 Jul 1827, Bride, bur 20 Jun 1857, Jurby

William Thomas, chr 23 Dec 1829, Bride, bur 5 Oct 1875, Lezayre, married Susanna Isabella Clarke (we've previously discussed this family - 16900)

Charles, chr 1 Apr 1832, Bride, bur 23 Jul 1843, Jurby (child)

Robert Joseph, chr 26 May 1835, Bride, bur 13 Jan 1860, Jurby (teenager)