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Burke's Landed Gentry 1952 Edition Can Anyone Help

Does anyone have access to the 1952 Edition of Burke's LG ? This was replace by the 3 vol 18th ed in 1965-1972, but the 18th ed omitted some entries from the earlier edition.

We are interested in "Thomson of Milton Brodie, formerly of Muckairn" in the 1952 ed.

Ewan/Hugh Casement, born Lezayre in 1720 was the son of Wm Casement and an Irish-Manx girl, Mary Thomason. Mary was the daughter of the late Rev George Thomason, rector of Magheragall in Co Antrim and Esther Wattleworth, dtr of Archdeacon Sam Wattleworth, who is buried at St Germans cathedral. It seems clear that Revd George Thomason was from the Ballinderry family, the two parishes being adjacent, and according to the 1952 Ed, this family were descended from William Thomson who migrated to Ulster from Scotland. He in turn was the son of Wm Thomson and grandson of Alexander Thomson, b Corstorphine ca 1460 and who fell at Flodden field on 9 Sept 1513.

I would like to obtain the full text from Burke's LG rather than rely on a probably mangled version off the net.