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Re: Family Records Centre closed
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hi just wanted to tell everyone on here that i went to kew the other day and was told that they do not hold bmd records, and was told to use their computers and go to ancestry.co.uk to view them, they do not hold census records either, they only have books on street index, and maps, but not alot of these, and micro films, but unless you knew what you needed to view on the micro film, it is of no use, the staff were no help on anything, even how to use the microfilm machines, or what was held on them, you had to tell them what info you had first, it was a waste of time, and i found out more info on my own at home using free bmd, family search.org and ancestry, if you are thinking of going to the national archives, i would suggest you phone them first and check if they have the info you are looking for stored there, otherwise, stay at home and do it yourself, you will get better results.
p.s i am researching the singer and lee family, if you have any info on this family please contact me, at loulabelle_74@hotmail.co.uk, thankyou