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Christian Lewaigue,

Having tried to trace back all my mother's Manx roots to the year dot has been a daunting challenge, and has led me to many unexpected places. One line I need to examine is Christain of Lewaigue.

The Lewaigue Xtians were descended from Deemster John Mc Christen of Milntown who died c1532-34, via Ewan (Huan) Xtian and Deemster Robert Xtian who probably died c1610/1611.

Robert is my first query. He seemingly married a Standish girl, proably named JONEY, but can anyone confirm this. It is my opinion that she was the daughter of Huan Standish of Lezayre, but any comments will be welcome

Robert & Joney had a son Edward Xtian, born 1583, who married Katherin Harrison the Lewaigue heiress in 1603. He died c1625.

Two researchers, Rita Browne (nee Christian), and J A Brew differ at this point. Rita Browne says that Edward & Katherin had a son Robert who was born c1604 and died 1668, but the Lewaigue estate passed to his younger brother EDWARD, who had sons Ewan born c1644 and John born c 1646. It is clear that John of 1646 married ANN Norris, and their daughter, Dorothy Xtian, married Thomas Corlett, Sumner General.

J A Brew puts forward an alternative theory, that Robert of 1604, married Marjory xxxx, and had a son Edward who died in 1692. This son Edward had the boys Ewan of 1644 and John of 1646. The timescale here is very tight indeed, as Robert Xtian was born in 1604, and if a grandson was born in 1644, that suggests the son had to be born c1624. I have seen a suggested date of 1628 for his birth which is hardly likely if he had a son in 1644 !!!

Rita Browne and J A Brew both did a vast amount of excellent work, so they must have had some reason for believing what they wrote, but one line must be wrong, but can anyone give a clear rebuttal to one or other hypothesis.


Ewan Xtian of 1644 was the elder brother and was the sumner-general and necromancer (!!!) who negotiated the Act of Settlement and died in 1712. As he apparently had no sons, Lewaigue passed to his younger brother John who had been born c1646, the transfer seemingly being the result of a 1679 marriage settlement, which seems surprisingly early, as Ewan woul only have been 35, so might easily have married thereafter. Rita Browne says that Ewan was unmarried but J A Brew says that Ewan married Jane Barry but leaves it at that without reference to issue, although I believe that Jane may have had issue. Once again, we have two leading researchers at odds, so I would welcome any firm evidence to demolish one or other story.


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