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Nigel, you commented,
Robert My ancestor Barbara Wattleworth married at Peel in 1716 to Henry Moore. She was a daughter of Caesar W. and Ann Young. Would your Jane be of this generation? "

My draft notes on the Wattleworth-Casement mariages are as follows :-
On 4 November 1702, Jane Wattleworth who would have been born c1678, married John Knipe, but with the high mortality levels of the time, it was to be a short marriage, as her husband was buried at Malew on 27 July 1704. Jane may have been the daughter of Archdeacon Wattleworth, but it is more likely that she was the daughter of a Wattleworth family living in Malew at the time. On 30 November 1708, the widowed Jane married William Casement at Malew. A daughter Catherine was christened at Malew in September 1710, followed by Jane in November 1712. The couple moved to Lezayre, where Elizabeth was christened on 26 March 1715. A fourth daughter Mary was baptised on 23 November 1717, but was buried twelve days later. Because of the Wattleworth family in Malew, I was initially reluctant to accept that this was one family group, but Jane Casement, als Wattleworth died on 6 November 1718, being buried at Lezayre on 9 November. She died intestate, but the probate hearing on 15 May 1719 listed her three children, Catherine, Jane and Elizabeth, the names and order they appeared in conforming exactly to the family outlined. As the three girls were under age, their father William Casement and a near relation, John Curghy were sworn as administrators. The girls probably received very little, as their parents were heavily in debt at the time, with a debt to Captain John Wattleworth of Ramsey of £13, then a large sum, but it was dwarfed by the £40 owed to Williamís brother and sisters !

On 30 May 1719, a few days after the probate hearing, William Casement of ďYe KellyĒ in Lezayre, married Mary Thomason at Andreas. She was the daughter of the Revd George Thomason, who had been vicar of Magheragal in Co Antrim, in the north of Ireland, and had been born c1696-1698. Her mother was Esther Wattleworth, who had been born about 1676 to Archdeacon Sam Wattleworth and Jane Barton, so was the second Wattleworth girl that William was to marry ! Had Williamís first wife, Jane Wattleworth, been Mary Thomasonís aunt, the marriage would have fallen foul of the prohibition on marriage to a deceased wifeís niece, which although not explicitly a part of Manx law at the time, was frowned upon by the powerful and resolute Bishop Wilson, who had applied English canon law to his diocese. "
The timescale could well fit, so it is worth trying to see if Caesar W and Ann Young had a daughter Jane so would need to be born by the early 1680s. I have found one sixteen year old marriage, but 20+ is more normal. Do you have any date for the marriage of Caesar W ?