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Thanks for your response.

Thomas Cavendish was at Ballaterson Beg in Ballaugh Curraghs in the latter part of the 19th century.

The item in Manx Notebook under 'Full Texts' titled Ballaugh Nicknames 1933, is a list compiled by a JB Keig, the Mount, of nicknames used in Ballaugh 'from about 1860-1900.'

The entry I mentioned is

"Dawsey - Mr Thomas Cavendish - Ballatessen - Owner Farmer "

Depending on the date it could be one of 3 Thomas Cavendishes:

1) Thomas Corjeage/Cavendish (1785-1863). In the 1841 & 1851 censuses he is in Jurby, by 1861 at 'Curragh, Ballaugh - farmer). In 1863 he bequeathed all his landed property & houses in Ballaugh, not named, after his wife's decease (Margaret d.1865) to his son Thomas -

2) Thomas Cavendish (1818-1897) in Jurby till 1861 census, at Ballaterson Beg, Ballaugh by 1871 census and later. Guessing this is the bequeathed property and that they moved there sometime after 1865. Thomas & Ann had 11 children including -

3) Thomas Cavendish (1845-1903). Censuses have him at Ballaterson Beg from 1871, first as farmer's son, then as Farmer in 1901. His obit in Ramsey Courier in 1903 gives his address as Ballaterson Beg.

I can't see the significance of 'Dawsey'.