Manx Genealogy Archive 2


Can't remember what pretext I had for browsing Manx Notebook this time, but I came across an item on nicknames in Ballaugh - I think it must have been something to do with unpublished documents as I had just been reading Nigel's messages on chunks of Sheading rolls. I looked straight away for Edward Cavendish as I discovered a while back that he was known as 'Ned-e-Niart'. He wasn't in the list, but under 'miscellaneous' I found Thomas Cavendish who apparently had the nickname of Dawsey. So, two questions:

1. If Ned-e-Niart means something like Ned the strong or mighty, would that likely be a literal representation or was there a tradition in the IOM for irony, along the lines of Little John being over 6ft tall?

2. What does Dawsey mean, or where does it come from? I've heard of Dawsey Kewley but not Dawsey Cavendish.