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Re: Quay, Jane & Joney, relation to Catherine Kerm

Yes to both questions.
Looking at Catherine Kermott's 1740/1 will, she mentions Catherine Cowin als Quay widow of her brother William, now remarried to a Nicholas Cowin. She also was an exec. Next she listed Catherine's two sisters Jane Skillicorne and Joney Skillicorne. Not sure why she'd pick sisters of a sister-in-law but I guess they were special to her. Next she mentions "William Kermott her brother's son". That will be her deceased bro William's son, who was the eldest. It won't be the other brother James' son William as he was only 9yo and child #6 of 9 - not a logical choice to be singled out. Last, she made her other brother James Kermott one of the exec's.

All of those (William, Catherine of the will, and James) are children of Daniel Kermod and Ann Fargher.

In my notes I took of hundreds of wills in 1986 at SLC, which I made quite a few mistakes I've discovered over time, I wrote the following for Daniel Kermod:
"Archd 1723 (2) #78 Lonan Will Daniell Kermod dated Feb 22 1724/5 d 14 Jan last.
Dau Catrin. Witn: Mich Cown Wm Quill"

Son William was deceased, but I don't know why James isn't there along with Catherine. I probably missed him or he was off the side of the sheet or something. I didn't know he was supposed to be there at the time. Checking the Notebook I see Frances hasn't done this particular will yet.

Hope this helps.