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Dear Liz,

Thank you for replying back, I do NOT have a grave number, is there a PHONE NUMBER that can be given to me that I may speak with the Vicar or church records clerk, that I could fnd out the number of the gravestone. I have information that he is buried there, and while I am writing we have a mutual ancestress, I believe, CATHERINE CAIN, I DID FIND, I BELIEVE THE CONNECTICON IN OUR LINE. I do hope I am right. I have been so discouraged, my surgery has been set up for October 29, I have not wanted this surgery, but, must now come.

The book I am talking about, if I remember was a Ms. DONNA DOUGLASS, who was publishing a book, we do have one being published here, I am waiting for it to be done. I cannot remember as I stated, it seems as though there were two Donna Douglasses' and one was publishing a book on the CAIN FAMILIES ON THE ISLE OF MAN, it may be I am mistaken, if there is a book of this ancestry line that may be purchased through the the Genealogy website, I would send what money is needed to purchase, this site does have an Isle of Man shopping site, whereby, they do have books for sale, I have looked on the site, but there is not a book of that nature, perhaps the Society may tell me if such a book has been published. I do hope someone has published one. I could do much more research on the line. If you can please let me know if there is a phone number I can call the BALLAUGH church and speak with the Vicar or clerk, perhaps you can e-mail those numbers, and I can get a gravestone number, for I am sure the weather at present is not where one should be traveling about, it is cold here now, and I am sure from the weather reports of the Isle, it would not be good for anyone to be searching for gravestones. If I do get the phone number and talk to the Vicar or clerk, it may be better to wait til Spring. I do not want you getting sick, we have had SWINE flu here in many schools and hospitals, and there are just now gving the vaccine.

Thank you for replying, take care of yourself.

Kindly yours,

Mrs. Rosa

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