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Quay, Jane & Joney, relation to Catherine Kermott?

Hi, Eric,

Thanks for your reply. Although there is nothing "definitive", I feel the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong that Jane and Joney are sisters.

Now, add in this will, which seems to name all the daughters of William and Joney except for your Isabel Killip als Quay.

What is the relationship between Catherine Kermott and the daughters of William Quay and Joney Christian?

Catherine Kermottís will, 1740 (FHL 0106217) leaves to Catherine Cowin als Quay, to Jane Skillicorn, Joney Skillicorn, to brotherís son Wm Kermott . Names brother James Kermott and Catherine Cowin to be execs. Witnesses William Colleaise and Jon Skillicorn.