Manx Genealogy Archive 2

cowley/Kennaugh descendants

Thanks to JC and Frances and Sue for their valuable responses. I'm looking for descendants of Robert Kennaugh/Elizabeth Cubbon who live in the I.O.M. One of their 7 children (My Great Grandfather),William Edward Kennaugh, emigrated to Australia but I'm particularly interested in those who stayed (perhaps Tom, Robert, Jessie Kennaugh) and their descendents, as I'm travelling over to the I.O.M next year. Also, descendents of Phillip Cowley and Jane Webster who had 12 children in Lezayre,I.O.M. My Great, Great Grandfather,Thomas Cowley, emigrated to Australia along with 3 brothers. I'm interested, again, in descendents of those who remained in the I.O.M i.e Jane, Francis, Mary, Margaret, Phillip, Charles, Eliza and George Cowley.