Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: William Duggan born 1872 Arbory

I think Catharine Gelling will be the one baptized 10 Feb 1828 at Arbory, eldest daughter of Thomas GELLING and Catharine CLAGUE, who married 2 Jun 1827. Catharine Clague was Catharine KINLEY at her marriage, as she was the widow of Edward Kinley, whom she married 8 May 1818 Arbory - 3 Kinley children; he bd 22 Jun 1824 Malew.

Thomas Gelling and Catharine Clague had 4 children before Catharine died - buried 16 Mar 1836 Arbory age 44. Thomas then married Isabella COLLISTER 15 Jun 1837 Arbory. Thomas Gelling was buried 9 Sept 1841 Arbory age 44. Thomas was a Blacksmith according to the census, taken only 3 months before he died. There is a will for Thomas but it's not yet transcribed. No will for his wife Catharine.

In 1841, Catharine Gelling is 13 living with her father at Billown, Malew. She married James Duggan 17 Feb 1847 at Arbory. I've found 9 children from 1847 to 1872 but haven't checked them all out yet, nor the census's. Likely burial for James: 3 Dec 1897 age 74 Arbory, and for Catharine: 6 Aug 1902 age 74 Arbory.

Thomas Gelling born ca 1797 fits very well to be the Thomas bp 13 Apr 1797 at Malew son of Thomas GELLING & Catharine CUBBON, who married 7 Jan 1792 Malew. Thomas is the 3rd child and 2nd son of this couple, who had 13 in all. Thomas Gelling buried 15 Sep 1835 age 75 Malew and his will has been transcribed. Wife Catharine was buried 27 Nov 1854 age 84 Malew and her will has also been transcribed. The 1851 census at Billown Malew indicates she was born in Arbory.

Doing the math on his burial age, it would seem Thomas Gelling Sr was born about 1760. There is a baptism of a Thomas Gelling 11 May 1760 at Malew, son of Nicholas Gelling & Christian [CROW], but I don't have any more information to know if this is right or not.