Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: The Missing Fiancee of Ballaleece

John Leece inherited B'leece from his namesake grandfather before 1758. conveyed the property to John Lace [doubtless his attorney & future Deemster] for 1100 on 9th March 1784 [NSS M 1785 - 6]. This included Ballaleece, The Close (i.e. Close Leece) Crot-ne-Harey, Cooil Vane and half of the Abbey Mill. On 7th January 1785, Lace re-sold the property, allegedly for 1216 13s 4d to the previously mentioned Ann Casement of Balladerry.
In her disposals of the former Leece holdings, Miss Casement sold Close Leece to Rev. Evan Christian for 250,. which I have a feeling was the legacy in trust he received. One of my ancestors (Thomas Mylchreest of Ballameanagh Moar, Lonan) bought the Abbey Mill share for 52. This was added to his existing inheritance of Ballaharra, later the setting for the famous "Ballaharra Sand Pit" case which was successfully litigated to Privy Council level against the English Crown on behalf of his descendants.
The Leeces did have some relations in Ireland, as in 1691 a Philip Leece was said to be alive there (one of the lives mentioned in a composition.) The William Leece who went to Braddan or Santon was presumably the young child mentioned in the main composition in 1643, said to be 50 in 1691.

So as to the Casement connection, maybe Ann had been left a lot of money by someone else, and was living in the IOM as an eligible spinster?? For some reason invested in Ballaleece, and immediately sold it again?? Sounds unlikely. But any other suggestion?

Somewhere?? I have notes about the disposal of the Kella by the Casements, after they were settled in Ireland.