Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Wattleworths & Casements

I have been working away on the close links between the family of Archdeacon Sam Wattleworth (1646-1718) and the Casement family of the Kella, Lezayre.

In 1702, Jane Wattleworth, married John Knipe at Malew but her husband died in 1705. On 30 November 1708, Jane married William Casement at Malew and had four daughters one dying in infancy. On 6 November 1718 Jane Wattleworth/Knipe/Casement died in Lezayre. The following year, 1719, William Casement married Mary Thomasson at Andreas. Mary's parents were the Revd George Thomasson, vicar of Magheragal in Co Antrim AND ESTHER WATTLEWORTH, the daughter of Archdeacon Sam Wattleworth.

What I have not yet been able to confirm is whether Jane Wattleworth, who was Wm Casement's first wife was the daughter of the Archdeacon, or of one of his brothers, or a different Wattleworth family entirely.

If Jane was Archdeacon Wattleworths daughter, then Mary was her niece, as Jane and Esther would be sisters.

A W Moore, who makes some mistakes in his account of the family, says the archdeacon had 3 sons and 5 daughters. I can trace the three sons, Henry, John, Charles, and two of the daughters, Esther and Margaret, but no Jane.

However, the will of Edward Wattleworth of Maughold (1705), the administration being granted to his father John Wattleworth refers to securing Nicholas Christian and Thomas Christian "from any trouble or encumberance on account James Knipe and Robert Howard", so this Knipe connection makes me wonder if Jane Wattleworth is possibly related to Edward of Maughold, rather than a daughter of the ARchdeacon.

Can anyone clarify this point ?