Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Wm Crix marriage to Amy Moore

Hello Eileen. I was trying to find somebody connected the the marriage simply because acording to my reckoning William Crix was the brother of John and 1881 census shows John aged 7 - parents James and Elizabeth Gawne - William was born later 14.6.1882 (think we have the right two men). John Crix was my grandfather's best pal and they served together many times and were Ramsey Lifeboatmen. When my grandfather, Albert Palmer, came back to the Island in later life according to the obit. there was a wreath from "his best Pal John Crix" and that was in 1948. I have never been able to find the death of John but haven't checked for a while. I was hoping that any living relation of the Crix family might have had knowledge of Albert Palmer and photographs of the two men.

I was reading about the Ellan Vannin disaster on the Manx Notebook and found a photograph of "Mrs Crix" and wondered about her and so found a bit more info. and I think I am right in saying that my grandfather's John Crix would have been her brother-in-law??? A sad story indeed and not sure if this is true but the word from the family was that if my grandfather had not been "ill from over indulgance" he too would have made the same trip. Hope I am not maligning my grandfather's name!!!! I don't think you would have heard about the friendship between Albert and John Crix but do wonder if any other members of the family would have?
Nice to hear from you....best wishes...Pat