Manx Genealogy Archive 2

IOMFHS Exhibition Update

Congratulations on the exhibition to date which is titled "HOW WE LIVED "
This is being held at St John's Hall, Glencrutchery Road Douglas and the two remaining dates left are;

Saturday 19th Sept 11am to 5pm
Sunday 20th Sept 11am to 4.30pm

The venue is superb and the many stands containing information from our past is extremely interesting. The response has been encouraging, even on such a late start (4pm) on the Friday.
There are 3 rooms with the main one containing information on the various organizations and particular interest of mine was the exhibition by the St Johns Ambulance and the clothing, equipment and background was superb.
The variety of publications for sale containing data from each parish, was again outstanding and many hours of research has been in my opinion, well worthwhile.
There was a good choice of rare books from Ian and one in particular is extremely rare (probably the only one I'll see in my life being one of the first Manx books in publication) and therefore out of the range of my pocket but for a collector...ahhh.

A side room contained a good collection of past Manx papers and it was interesting to note that Pat was mentioned as one of the bridesmaids (I didn't know papers were made then...haha.. you can get me later Pat)

The third room contains (Mmm.. the refreshment area where you could buy a cup of coffee, tea or cake - oh yes, where was I),
and there was an abundance of research material, including internet access to MY Past, Ancestry, Manx Genealogy, Isle of Man FHS website including Brian Lawsons material and with the additional benefits of the igi which is worth a days viewing in itself if you went to Peel or the Manx Museum.

There are a couple of important observations for me and that was seeing new people come in, join up and eagerly learn about their relations, but most importantly of all, watching experienced and keen genealogists, sharing their abundance of knowledge to those who are visiting.

In all, a great start and it's been a pleasure to be part of helping others discover the past and if you've ever been curious or want to know more, then please pop round and have a chat.
Slaynt vie,