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Importance of proof
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I know genealogy is essentially an enjoyable hobby and until the explosion of genetic info, was impossible to pursue in a totally scientific way, however we need to be aware that the Manx records as they were maintained, and especially as they are currently indexed, do not really allow for "proof by a process of elimination" certainly where reasonably common names are involved, in the late 18th/19th c. There were a significant number of illegitimacies and these are not currently well indexed, ages at census dates are not always accurate, people did move parish. Therefore, it is not really appropriate to say "there are x number of Thomas Kellys around the right date in the parish register and I am going to choose the best fit..."

Maybe I am wrong, but I just picked up a bit of a tendency in this direction.

I agreee if you are working with the Corjeags or Lamothes or other rare names then these warnings do not apply.