Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Richard Clucas 1822

I've had an email from a lady who is coming across from England to see the IOM FHS Exhibition 2009.
Her research is for the Clucas Family and I have some details here that the lady has sent to me;

Ann Clucas [sept 1824] Rushen, married Richard Clucas [sept 1822] Patrick, they married June 1850 Braddan church
John James, Nov 1853
Thomas, May 1856
Richard Henry, July 1859
Catherine Maria, April 1862
Walter, July 1867
*Emily Sarah, July 1870

If additional information can be found for *Emily, then that would be appreciated as this is a direct line - relation
I'm hoping that there are some Clucas researchers who may be able to assist.
Many thanks, Paul