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I was contacted a few week ago by a lady who knew of my great grandfather Moses Canning and also his children Gertrude, my grandmother, Constance, Douglas and Carlyle.
There were two other children who died very young.
This lady who lives on the Isle of Man as well as her daughter is a descendant of a family who Carlyle was engaged to their daugher who died in childbirth sadly in 1908. Does anyone have any informaion of the whereabouts of Carlyle from 1908 - 1911 when he sailed for America. He must have been devastated at his fiancee's death.
My grandmother went to live in Warrington around 1900 where she worked in the post office and met her future husband there, Charles Jones and was married in 1906. In later life they used to live in Onchan. My father was born in March 1913 in Liverpool and Gertrude was unable to travel to the Isle of Man for her father Moses' funeral as she was heavily pregnant, her husband did so. A Miss Strappini Canning is reported to have attended, this is Gertrude's sister Constance who was adopted by a couple called Strappini, Elizabeth and Peter. Constance married a G.P.and lived in Torquay. Carlyle married an American lady he met on ship in 1911 called Alta and she came to live in the Isle of Man in 1915 and returned to America heavily pregnant in 1917 and gave birth there to a daughter Naida, I am in touch with Naida's daughter in America. I arranged a get together with Carlyle's youngest son Ian, born to Carlyle's second wife Dorothy, they had three children Anthony (deceased), Pamela who lives in Australia and Ian who is in the US. All three children were born in America between 1922 and 1932. The family returned to England in 1938 and lived in the Bournemouth area. If anyone has any further information in regards to my family, it would be very much appreciated. Also Moses Canning re-married after his first wife Jane died age 29 years giving birth to their sixth child. He married a lady from N.E. England calaled Mary Andrew's. Again does anyone know if Mary stayed on the Isle of Man after Moses died.
Also any information on Douglas, Gertrude's brother. I always thought that my grandmother Gertrude was an only child and Ian thought is father Carlyle was an only child. We have been amazed at the information we have received on the family so far but any further information would be delightful, whatever that information incurs.
Thank you.