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Got that thanks, I obviously didn’t understand the dynamics of the message board and was pointing other viewers in the direction of earlier postings that had been pushed back on the board by superseding messages, apologies for any confusion.

As to your previous message under “adoption records” I am still following up; but not yet completed your kind suggestions. As you can see, one result of this is that, the misspelling of Dora’s surname on the birth certificate has now come to light.

Regarding Stanley Darwell, the same applies, despite “wading through” web pages of information I am still no wiser and he remains a “man of mystery”.

With reference to my Mother making a connection between her adopted name and birth name, she never really did.

Not finding out she was named Darwell until she had to produce her birth certificate on enlistment to the QARANC in 1944, she never had the opportunity.

After training she served overseas until 1948 returning then to the UK to marry my father and subsequently die in childbirth in 1949.

Information on Stanley [that would fit the profile] remains elusive, however there seems to be a fair amount of data on Dora, I have just got to place her in Bangor circa 1920 to prove the point. This is helped by the fact that at that time there were regular passenger ferries between IOM and Bangor.