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Thank you everyone for your replies.
Sorry I haven't been in touch for a long time, our son died age 33 years of cancer and life has been on hold for a while.

Just to let you know that I have met a son of Carlisle (Carlyle) Canning who is Ian Canning and he lives in Brighton, England with his wife Lesley. We met for lunch at a hotel in Horsham where another second cousin of mine who is the great grand-daughter of Catherine Canning (I am great-grand-daughter of Moses Canning) Faith Pidduck and her husband Terry. Carlisle had three children by his second wife, Anthony (deceased), Pamela and Ian. I am in touch with the grand-daughter of Alta Canning, first wife of Moses Canning who lives in America.
Anthony Canning lived in America, Pamela Coney (nee Canning) lives in Australia and Ian Canning lives in Brighton. All three children of Carlisle and Dorothy were born in America and Naida, daughter of Carlisle and Alta Canning was born in America also. Carlisle and Dorothy Canning returned to the U.K. in 1938 and settled in the south of England.
I have always thought that my grandmother Gertrude was an only one and Ian thought his father Carlisle was an only one. Surprise, surprise, the wonders of the internet!
Thank you everyone again.