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Why give a Manx name to a Geordie? If you are referring to the Edwin -that's the name of my great-grandfather, and he was the youngest sibling of George and Jane Watson Moor, who emigrated with his family circa 1859.
George was a cabinet maker and employed 15 people. when he came to the Isle-of-Man -his second eldest son was Henry Watson Moor, who originally, was a cabinet maker but then took up, first phoography, and then painting and scupturing. Edwin also became a photographer, and had a studio at 32 South Shields Road Newcastle, He was followed into the studio by HW.'s daughter Lily Jane Moor.
Henry Watson is my second cousin, and during the war, the family album was destroyed, that's why I'm desperate to find family snaps taken by Edwin and Henry.
Sue -
I'm full of useless information! Like - Edwin, was the name of the first King of Northumbria!
Kind regards.

John Kirby