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QUAYLE, Eliza Jane Cannell 77 Lez 28 Apr 1932
Lezayre- New West Yard
B 9-11
In loving memory of ELIZA JANE CANNELL beloved wife of JOHN HENRY QUAYLE of East Balla managh, Sulby (late of Narradale) died 25th April 1932 aged 77 years
JOHN HENRY QUAYLE beloved husband of the above died 16th January 1939 aged 84 years
WILLIAM beloved third son of the above died 16th May 1951 aged 59 years
THOMAS HENRY youngest son of the above died 4th July 1955 aged 58 years
Thou O Christ art all I want

QUAYLE, John Henry 62 Lez 1 Sep 1917 NO MI

CALLISTER, Jane 81 Jur 10 Aug 1912

CALLISTER, John 79 Jur 30 Jul 1912

Jurby Old Yard
In loving memory of JOHN CALLISTER of Ballaconnelly born Oct 23rd 1832 died July 27th 1912 and
JANE CANNELL wife of the above born March 25th 1831 died Aug 8th 1912
HUMPHREY DANIEL CALLISTER son of the above died in Vancouver BC October 14th 1930 aged 62 years and whose cremated ashes are here interred
ALFRED son of JOHN and JANE CALLISTER died Jan 22nd 1870 aged 8 years
Sacred to the memory of JOHN CALLISTER late of Ballachonely. In his youth he feared the Lord and early united himself to the Wesleyan Methodists. For several years he acted as a local precher in connexion with that people and proved himself able rightly to divide that word of truth the latter portion of his life was spent in suffering allfliction but God was with him; he died in peace May 9th 1844 aged 44 years.