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some of these names appear in wills - see Manxnotebook (tag line above) where I have summaries etc of some - you can research wills via Mormon microfilm though easier at manx Museum as all films are there, the other thing you will need to research is property records - many of these too are on mormon microfilm but as you get back into 17th C you will need some experience in reading earlier hands (there are several good online helps here as well as several low cost texts) certain key documents (eg certain composition lists are extremely untidy and difficult to read)- marriage contracts are a great help - these can be found among property records (all post 1702 to c.1900 are in Manx museum - sometimes a later property transfer will refer to an older marriage settlement, sometimes these settlements are given in place of a will, there are also some older deeds for many parishes that often include marriage settlements.

But this research is very time consuming - allow quite a bit of time