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Hi there again,

I have been given info from a relative in the UK, which is as follows:_

My Thomas Duggan (born around 1800 in Arbory) he married Margaret Callow possibly in 1822. Thomas's parents could have been a James Duggan born 1768 and Margaret Callow born 1772 (they married 14Jan1792 in Malew), James Duggans parents could be William Duggan born around 1710 and Katherine Keig born between 1701 to 1709. Then William Duggan parents could be John Duggan born between 1692 to 1693 in Poolvash and died 24 Jan 1769 And Catherine Corrin and she died 25 feb 1774. Then John Duggans parents could be John Duckan/Duggan and Ann Hingley; John Duckan/Duggan was born around 1692 and died 10 Sep 1720, they were married around 1680. John Duckan/Duggans parents were John Duckan born around 1634 and died 15 feb 1658 (mother not known yet). John Duckans parents were John Duccan and Katherine Bridson, this John was born around 1606 and died 15 Mar 1662 and they married between 1633 to 1637. Then finally, John Duccans father was William Duccan born between 1580 to 1583 and died 10 Jan 1614.

If I went to the Manx Museum, would I be able to clarify any of the above do you think. I have done searches on LDS site, but only some of the people appear, and then they are only showing husband and wife.

My relative who lives on the mainland wanted me to try and research on the above names and dates, as the info suggests, its only speculative at the moment until proven by records.

Let me know if you can help point me in the right direction to research the above. Thanks for you continued help.