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Death of a seaman - Frederick William Asquith

Good morning,

On a memorial in Melling, in Merseyside there are the names of a father and son, both named Frederick William Asquith, 1st and 2nd Engineers of the SS "Cliffburn", who were lost at sea May 22nd 1918.

"The collision took place in the Irish Channel on May 22, 1918, when the Cliffburn was sunk and all of her crew were drowned. The Northumberland also sustained some damage. The Northumberland is a steel screw steamship of 12160 tons gross tons gross and 7861 tons net, 530 ft. long, and she was on a voyage from New York to Liverpool in convoy, carrying troops and Laden "with a cargo of general goods", was in Liverpool Bay near the Bar light-vessel. The wind was Northerly, light, the weather hazy, and the tide about high water slack. The Talthybius, following the vessel ahead, heading about S. 31 deg. E., was making about 13 knots; the regulation lights, including a stern light, were duly exhibited and burning brightly; and a good look-out was being kept."

The full story of the search for the deaths of these two men are on the Liverpool FHS forum but I was wondering if anybody is able to advise me how we would be able to check if their deaths were registered in the Isle of Man.

Thank you for your interest and any help you may be able to give.