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Re: 1911 census
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Yes, but transcription errors seem likely to be the biggest problem - try entering as little as possible in the advanced search form and scan down the list of results that come back for a likely one. You can then do another search using all the info (& spelling) that gives you, adding details you feel pretty sure about one at a time to confirm. Most I've looked for so far have eventually turned up.

You can search with first name only (with variants button on) and birth year, IOM census first, then 'All records' after if no luck. That showed up the one where the surname's initial letter had been transcribed as L when it should have been C. Then just surname and year +/- the maximum. Or try entering just first 2 or 3 letters of the surname with the first name & date or birthplace. Or with an occupation, or other variable. It's time-consuming but worth it when you finally find your needle in a haystack!

Briefly, the fewer details you type in the more results you get that you can scan through yourself.