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Hi David,

It is easier for people to follow who you are writing about if you respond to a previous message on the same thread. Donna answered you twice last time, because of the (then) two threads.

Philip Cain was in the 1871 census, so can't have been the one in the 1860s burials. He and Catharine were living in Braddan with their son Philip - the same family as in the 1881 census (given before).

1871 Braddan, Ballieney:
Philip Cain 34 "Farmer Tannant
Mary Cain 29 & wife"
Philip Cain Father 68 "Farmer Steward
Catharine Cain 59 & wife"
Robert Cain son 6 scholar
George W Cain son 4
Albert Cain son 2
George Corkell unm 22 Farm Servant

I think this is the most likely burial for Cath:
Catherine Cain 73 buried Braddan 26 Nov.1885. [From the Braddan burials' book transcript on the IOMFHS website.]
CAIN, Catherine 78 Bra 13 Apr 1886
[from Brian Lawson's burials]
- unless you found her in the 1891 census?

And a possibility for Philip Cain: aged 80, Sept 18 1877 buried Braddan (although older than in censuses). From the Braddan burials' book transcript on the IOMFHS website.

In your last thread I asked you where John/Thomas was living after the 1851 census, in order to find which name he was using. Did he leave the IOM? When? Did he marry before leaving?