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Dear Elizabeth,

Just happen to be on the computer, been to worship this morining, and still have not heard from you, I am shocked you are giving up posting, I hope this is temporary, you helped me and was so kind to do so. I will send you the news by post of my new findings on the CAINS, I am kin to you by one of your relatives, so the connection is made, I do hope after this surgery MUM has, which will be soon, the doctor told her FRIDAY, if it is not CANCER, and that her recovery will be by October, I still think that I would love the cold weather, we are still hoping that this will be the one, no more postponements. I do hope your health is good and that you are up and about . Thank you for responding to me from day one when I came on the board, I thank you for all your help, again, and pray we see you in OCTOBER.