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Hi Liz,

Yes, we lost mum in 1995 unfortunately. I moved out here to BC with my hubby back in 1991 and have subsequently had three children together. Life is good though though I miss my homeland greatly. Dad is failing fast,both my brothers are on the Island, oldest after a long break away in the RAF, he returned in 1995 and lives up the road from Graham and dad. Graham still lives in the old house and wonderfully cares for our dad. Nice to hear from you, I remember you and your family well and of course Mr. Cain on the buses, he was always so lovely to us kids. The old neighborhood is not what it once was! It looks very tired and sad when I go home now. Do you remember the Queen's silver jubilee block party that we had for the whole neighborhood and the big cake that was cut in the center lawned area between the avenue? That is a great memory of mine.