Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Thomas Duggan b 1800 arbory

Hi, I am stuck tracing my family tree.

My ancestors I got back to are Thomas Duggan, who was born in Ballanorris in Arbory around 1800. I know this becuase the 1841 census states he was aged 40. He married Margaret Callow 30 jun 1822 in arbory. I know he died in 1851. They had kids James b 1822; Elizabeth b1827; Thomas b1827; Eleanor b1830; Margaret Eleanor b1832; Thomas b1836 and William b1842.

I need to see if any records show when Thomas Duggan (born around 1800) was baptised/born, and whom his parents and siblings were. Can anyone help me please???

You can email me at valexon@yahoo.co.uk