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Hi Andy, continuing from my last:

In memory of Ann Kelly/ wife of William Kelly/ who departed this life/ ?unreadable?/ also William Kelly/ formerly of Shenvalla/ husband of the above/ who died February 16th 1864/ aged 72 years/ also in memory of/ Emily Kelly/ daughter of William and Eleanor Kelly and grand daughter of the above William and Ann Kelly/ who departed this life/ the 6th of April 1873/ aged 9 years/ also/ Anne Maude/ sister of the above Emily/ who died August 14th 1890 aged 9 years/

This extract is one of many Monumental Inscriptions from Peel Cemetery, Section One, conducted by the Isle of Man Family History Society and the members recording and checking them were; Mollie Barton, Jill Christian, Noreen Cottier, Margaret Etherington, Joan Pickering, Leslie Quilliam with Jack Etherington producing the plan and computer index.

Many thanks to all concerned,