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Re: 1911 census
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Hi Averil

I,m still learning, the trick is to keep it simple and keep trying, sometimes you can put in the same search several times before you get a hit!

Only put in the first and last names to start

Year of birth will the cut the number of hits

As wiil place of birth

Middle names next, if you haven't found them yet, remembering that sometimes thats the name they go by!

An unusual name in the family as always is a bonus

You can also search by place/address if you know it - it's at the bottom left side of the initial search box. This could be an advantage with the Island searches as the names only come up with IOM, and not Peel or Castletown

Other than that it is like all census - persistance and hope the name especially the Manx ones have been transcribed accurately

I still can't find the Cooils' in Arbory and Port St Mary, but fine on my branch in Peel

Hope this helps