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Dear Valory,

Many thanks for your Email through Manx Genealogy. It is good to hear from you and better late than never!!

To cut a long story short, I always believed from a very early age that my grandmother Gertrude was an only one. It isn't until earlier this year that a gentleman called Chris from Australia contacted me by Email through on-line genealogy and informed me that Gertrude had a brother Carlyle. I was also contacted by another gentleman in Australia who is interested in genealogy and who originates from the Isle of Man and who sent me information that not only did Gertrude have a brother but that there were six of them altogether, children of Moses Canning and his wife Jane. Wow what news! Also Carlyle married an American lady Alta Canning (nee Wasson) and had a daughter Naida. Naida's daughter Terry has also found me through on-line genealogy and I am in contact with her. Carlyle and Alta obviously divorced under pressure from ? Alta's father and Carlyle re-married a lady called Dorothy Verity from Bramley, Leeds who he met in 1921 travelling by ship from England back to America. Before I forget, Terry told me that Carlyle tried to get in touch with his first wife Alta and wrote letter to his daughter Naida but these were kept from her until she was thirteen years of age. In the meatime Carlyle had three children by his second wife, Anthony (deceased) but Terry is in touch with his widow Jill (two children) in America, Pam who lives in Australia, now 81 and whose son Chris contacted me earlier this year, I think she had four or five children and Ian Canning who lives in Brighton, UK, married to Lesley who have two children Cerne and Claire.

In the write up about Moses funeral service which I will forward to you in case you haven't seen it there is a Strappini Canning mentioned but I haven't been able to find out who this person is. Not until now that is, through your good selves. Isn't technology wonderful!

I am sending you below the findings of Doug from Australia, the gentleman who is in to genealogy. It would be lovely to get to know more about you, where you are from etc.
My father Douglas (1913 - 1977) was the only child of Gertrude Jones (nee Canning) and Charles John Jones. My dads full name was Douglas Canning Jones and my full name before marriage was Pamela Canning Jones. I am now Pam Megson (born Liverpool in 1944) who is married to Keith Megson (born Bradford, Yorks 1933) married in 1969. We have two children Sarah Megson (1971) and Stephen Megson (1974 - 2007). Sadly our son Steve died in September 2007 from cancer at the age of 33 years. He got engaged to a lovely young lady when he was in the cancer hospital in Sheffield undergoing chemotherapy. Her name is Monica and she is born of Spanish parents and lives and works in Sheffield as a translator. We are still in touch with Monica, her parents were over in the UK for Easter and we took them around the Peak District in Derbyshire where we live near, a small market town between Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Well I had better send you the following and then a go and do my jobs for the day. I am in our local library as we are having problems with broadband at home. It gets me out, limits me to an hour at a time on the computer and I meet people as well. Well hear are the finding from a gentleman called Doug in Australia.

All the very best to you and your familyy. Hope to hear from you soon.


P.S. As a youngster I used to spend each summer holiday break with Gertrude and Charles and then with Gertrude (Charles died in 1954) who died in 1958. She lived on Victoria Avenue in Onchan. I had to have a holiday form from school as my Dad used to like to go over in June for the T.T. races. I last visited the Isle of Man with Keith my husband in 1998, the year after my Mum Enid died. I wanted to go and reflect on happy memories spent there and also visit a relative of my grandfather Charles' family (the Jones family, Arthur and Nell, now Nell who is a widow and who live at Ballasalla.

Jane Killip born Kirk Andreas, Isle of Man about 1859, married Moses Canning 24th August 1879,they had the following children...

Gertrude born 14th December 1880.

Constance born 8th October 1882.

Douglas Andre born 26th January 1884.

Spencer Carly born 21st December 1885

Martineau Carlyle born 25th July 1887.

Thomas born 30th January 1889.

Spencer Carly buried Braddan 28th April 1886 age 4 months.

Thomas buried Braddan 11th September 1889 age 7 months.

Moses buried Braddan 1st January 1913 age 56 years.

Jane buried Braddan 24th March 1889 age 29 years.

Moses Canning married Mary Ann Emily Andrew 7th February 1892.

1881 Isle of Man census has Moses Canning, age 24 years

Jennie Canning, age 22 years

Gertrude Canning, age 3 months

Living at 6 Brisbane Street, Douglas.

1901 English census has Gertrude Canning, post office clerk, living in

Padgate Lane, Warrington. Lancashire.

Marriage record September qtr. 1906 Gertrude Canning married

Charles John Jones,Warrington, Lancashire.

Douglas Andre Canning married either Mary Elizabeth Martin or Evangeline Sroud in Strood Kent reg. June qtr. 1910.