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Cheers Joan: Hope things are going great now that your summer has shown up :)

It was Ellie's birthday last week which prompted my message. She was 105! Of course, I'm sure she no longer with us and probably even her children have passed on as well. It's one of those unsolvable puzzles that should be solvable.

I was waiting for the UK 1911 Census to be released and when it was, there was Ellie... and dad. You checked the IoM marriages and she wasn't there. I checked the UK marriages and she wasn't there. I did find the 1927 death certificate for her cousin Elsie Sayle, suffocation at the age of 20 in Salford so I thought maybe the two were living together.

She'll show up one day. I just have to be patient. ;)

Thanks for your comment and your previous research.