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Re: thomas bannan 1793
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I looked at German regs 1791 + 93 - no comment re baptisms of Thomas Bannan's children.

The will is among some 60 odd missing from Lawson's index - in fact all bar 5 of book 2 of 1798 episcopal wills are missing - the later Bannans did not appear to leave wills.

My summary of will - d dec 1798;ch john, william,thomas,charles,mary,elinor + cath; all ua except john;son john + fa thomas + uncle john lennaghan appointed supv of under age children ;pledges thomas radcliffe + charles joughin;inventory including lease 15 guineas

Mary + Elinor dont seem to appear in German records - cath also had a brother John on Island but does not seem to appear in other records.

There did not appear to be any deed relating to the Andreas property - however the lease in the inventory was valued at 15 15s but as to what the lease was I don't know - the rest of the inventory did not seem to indicate much wealth.