Manx Genealogy Archive 2

probate and deeds

I thought i would give you all some usefull infomation,
Yesterday i ordered 5 wills in this above office cain and crennell,
went in today they gave me one that was already in that office and the others will pick up im morning , the reason im telling you all this is because, you now have to pay 2 per will to have it ordered, plus the copy fee if you need to copy,
im not sure if this catherine crennell is related and not sure about the one tomorrow william crennell, nor the catherine cain, but because there ordered i will still have to pay another 6, i dont mind paying , but 2 per will, so i will look at one in morning and the other two next week, just thought i would let you all know, just incase you go and order and then find out after wards because they dont tell you