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Thank you Barbara - I am confused as to why Moses' surname is given as Canney and not Canning. Moses' first wife Jane (mother of my grandmother Gertrude Jones (nee Canning) died in 1889 after giving birth to a son called Thomas Canning who lived to be 7 months. She also gave birth in 1886 to Spencer Carlyle who died at 4 months. Gertrude was born 14 December 1880. Moses married for a second time to a lady callled Mary, not sure when but this is given as married in the 1901 census, I have no further information except she was from Yorkshire. There is a son named in the 1901 census as Martineau aged 13 born in Douglas. I wonder if he was my grandmothers step brother. It is rather confusing. Please can someone inform me as to how I retrieve more information from the various census', do I have to register with a fee and if so where to? Thank you once again. You must be able to tell that I am new to these searches!