Manx Genealogy Archive 1

John Cain

I am seeking any confirmation about the birth of John Cain who married Ester Lewin (Hamton) 27 Feb 1838 Braddan. I think he was chistened on 27 Feb 1809 the son of Thomas Cain b. 30 Mar 1781, Braddan and Mary Gelling b 1785, Douglas.
I have confirmed data from John to the present day, I also have tentative information of Johns Grandfather Robert Cain(e)and mother Margaret Quiggin, so any furthe information on those would be great help.
I have traled the IGI and censuses but being unable to get to the island it is proving a stubling block, any suggestions would be greatfully recieved

Happy new year
Blein Vie Noa

Ed Jones