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Thank you again Frances and Jane for that fascinating info. Thank you for checking the will out Frances. I need to carry out writing out this provisional tree...I'm getting them mixed up. Which Thomas is Marjorie the mother of, whose will you found?

What about the question of the opportunity of a shipwright apprenticeship being open to John Ronnan b1776/7 on the Isle of Man? As the eldest of at least 7 living children, would he have been expected at the end of the 18th century to go away to say Liverpool to learn a trade etc?

I could see if anyone in the Liverpool Genealogy circles could find some kind of apprenticeship document for him late 18th century, beginning 19th century. I think any indenture will probably - even if found - not have his birth place on.

I do of course have the memory of the living relative, Eric Ronnan, that his family originated from the I of Man. Would the correct year of birth for John 1776/7 and Eric's memory be enough to say we have our man?

Of course, I have John's death cert confirming roughly his year of birth and marriage cert of his 3rd marriage in 1838,which confirms his father is a farmer and named Thomas.

Welcome your thoughts. Many thanks. Liz