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Frances and Jane: Thank you for your postings. I had just found the Raunons in Rushen on IGI. It was good to see all the links.

Further up the tree in Liverpool John Ronnan b 1851 names his son John Nelson Ronnan. I thought it was after The Big Man but looking at the Isle of Man connection, perhaps it was to honour the Nelson surname. They could still have been in touch with extended family.

The link I have established but not totally verified is that John Ronan born to Thos and Eleanor Ronan at K. Rushen is the John who was a shipwright in Liverpool by 1805 when he had first child.

He would have been an apprentice. Would that opportunity have been open to him on the Isle of Man where his father was a farmer? Perhaps this is why he left to go to Liverpool.

As you couldn't find any further records of John, son of John and Eleanor, it is another indicator we have the right man. If that John had stayed, married or died, that should show up in records pre 1837?

Is there a way of establishing that Thomas Ronan m to Eleanor at K. Rushen was a farmer? I guess he had to be that or a fisherman...

Thank you again for your help and interest. Once we have verified the link, is the info I have on John Ronnan post 1804 of use to records for Isle of Man archives or genealogy societies etc? Forgive me...I am a real novice pre 1837...

Thank you again for your interest and help.