Manx Genealogy Archive 1

dalton/bridson tree

I'm tracing the family tree and I've got it back to the 1881 and 1861 censuses and have hit a brick wall. Hopefully someone else has some info that will get me going again.

In 1881 I've got Thomas Dalton living living in Onchan with his mother Margaret and two children, Thomas R and Elizabeth (ages 4 & 10). He is listed as widowed. A third child (Emma) is listed as living with her grandparents Robert and Elizabeth Bridson. We believe Thomas' wife was Charlotte Bridson

The 1861 census lists Thomas as unmarried, and Margaret as widowed. Charlotte was 8 and living with her parents. I can't find anything for 1871 for either family or further back for the Daltons. I'm looking for Margaret's maiden name and when Charlotte died. Thanks for helping!